Mother’s day is a farce

It might seem strange posting about Mother’s Day when it’s Father’s Day that’s coming up in a couple of weeks. But the impending celebrations have got me thinking…

I’ve reached the conclusion that Mother’s Day is a farce. It’s a dumb day. You might be thinking this is a morbid statement given I only became a mother 6 months ago.  Then again, you might be thinking hooray, you’ve realised early that it’s a crap day so you’ve saved yourself years of disappointment!

The sentiment underlying Mother’s Day is a lovely one. Dedicating a day to celebrating our mothers, being mothers ourselves and having maternal bonds with mother’s outside of our own families is heartwarming.

Despite the sentiment though, the intention of the day often isn’t experienced by mothers on the day. In fact, many mothers go to sleep on Mother’s Day feeling worse, not better than they do on just a regular day.

Why is this the case? One reason is that the following illustration tends to be the rule rather than the exception:

Father’s Day:

  • The women decide on the menu ahead of time
  • The women purchase presents, wrap presents and write in the cards
  • The women shop for the food
  • The women cook on the day
  • The women get the children ready and look after them throughout the day
  • The women clean up after the celebrations

Mother’s Day:

  • Identical to above (and yes, I’m referring to the mother’s own present she is purchasing!)

When this is the picture, is it any wonder that mothers think Mother’s Day is a joke?

The only difference here between Mother’s Day and a mother’s regular day is that there are more people to cook for and clean up after. On a day they are meant to be celebrated, they feel like they’re taken for granted.

Mothers, I encourage you to shower the father’s in your life with love and appreciation this Father’s Day. Praise them for what they do well. Tell them what they mean to you. Acknowledge the sacrifices they make for the sake of the family. Listen to them. Laugh with them. Go out of your way to make them feel special. Allow them to relax.

But fathers, come Mother’s Day, please do the same in return.

Beth x

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