‘More Milk’ essential oil roller blend


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This essential oil roller blend helps to boost mama’s breastmilk supply. Increases in milk production have been experienced in as little as 30 minutes. Increases in the fat content of milk have also been noted.

Fennel assists in boosting the production of estrogen, which is the hormone responsible for increasing your milk supply. It also aids digestion for both mother and baby. Basil then assists with the maintenance of your supply.

Ingredients: Fennel, Basil , Fractionated coconut oil

Directions: Apply to the upper breasts after the baby has been fed, avoiding the nipple area. Use up to 3 times per day. This blend is not recommended for use longer than 10 days at a time. It’s also not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Warning: Sawyer Bear Blends is not a medical professional and recommends consulting with a trusted doctor for any concerns about using essential oils for your family.


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